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Moorcroft - Flambe Leaf & Berries Vase

Moorcroft - Flambe Leaf & Berries Vase

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Description: Delve into the captivating world of the William Moorcroft Flambe Leaf & Berry Collection, a pristine and exquisite vase that bears the hallmark of timeless craftsmanship. This striking piece hails from a distinguished era of artistry.

Stunning Flambe Glaze: The flambe glaze on this vase exhibits a fiery brilliance, casting a mesmerizing play of colors that make it truly stand out.

Leaf & Berry Collection: This vase is a splendid representation of Moorcroft's renowned Leaf & Berry design, a motif celebrated for its natural beauty and allure. Earthly colors used in a unique and celebrated pattern are accentuated by the delicate glaze finish.

Historical Significance: The Leaf & Berry pattern was introduced by William Moorcroft in the early 20th century, making this vase a valuable part of ceramic history.  

Immaculate Condition: This vase is preserved in immaculate condition, a testament to its enduring quality and care over time.

Markings: This vase bears the traditional Moorcroft stamps and signatures.

Unique and Elegant: Its exquisite detailing and striking design make it a versatile and eye-catching addition to any decor.

Background: The William Moorcroft Flambe Leaf & Berry Collection holds a special place in the world of ceramics. William Moorcroft, an English potter, was renowned for his innovative glazing techniques and distinct patterns. The Leaf & Berry motif, which began its journey in the early 20th century, is celebrated for its organic, nature-inspired design.

A Piece of Ceramic History: This vase is not just a beautiful object but a piece of ceramic history. The Leaf & Berry Collection is cherished by collectors and enthusiasts alike for its artistry and significance in the world of pottery.

Perfect as a Standalone Piece: Display this immaculate vase as a stunning centerpiece in your home, allowing its unique flambe glaze to capture attention and admiration.

Colour: Brown, Red, Yellow, Purple


Width: 12 cm

Height: 16 cm

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