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Vintage Tin Wine Goblet Set (4)

Vintage Tin Wine Goblet Set (4)

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Description: Elevate your wine experience with our Vintage Tin Wine Goblet Set—a classic collection that exudes timeless elegance. Crafted with precision, these goblets aren't just vessels for wine; they're a statement of sophistication, perfect for enhancing the pleasure of sipping your favorite vintage. 94% tin.

Sip in Style: The Vintage Wine Goblet Set features a classic design with delicate stems, creating a visual feast for your senses. Whether red or white, enhance the flavors of your favorite wines with these elegant goblets.

Versatile Table Companion: Whether hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet evening, the Vintage Wine Goblet Set adds a touch of sophistication to any table setting. It's a versatile companion for toasts, celebrations, and everyday moments.

For inquiries, additional photos, or to make this remarkable piece a part of your collection, reach out to us now. We're here to provide all the information and assistance you need.

Colour: Silver




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