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1931 Vintage Sparton Radio

1931 Vintage Sparton Radio

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Vintage Sparton Model 467 Radio (1931) - Artistic and Historical Elegance

Description: Delight in the nostalgia with this 1931 Sparton Model 467 radio, a genuine piece of history that radiates charm and character. Manufactured in Ontario during a golden age of radio design, this piece features a stunning wooden case that holds a story in every grain. When switched on, the radio's light warms up, and adjusting the volume produces an inviting crackle, reminiscent of a time when families would gather around the radio for evening entertainment. While the frequency dial may need attention, the radio stands as a sturdy testament to the craftsmanship of its era.

Condition: Used - This radio powers on with functional lights and speakers that produce sound, although the frequency dial does not appear to be operational. Some audible crackling is present when adjusting the volume, indicating the authentic age of the internal components. The overall structure is robust and well-preserved.

Model 467. 

Colour: Brown

Length: 12 ft

Width: 22 in

Height: 38.25 in

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