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Vintage 1963 Austin Dancer Statue

Vintage 1963 Austin Dancer Statue

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Description: This vintage Austin Dancer Statue from 1963 is a testament to artistic brilliance and enduring beauty. Its form captures the essence of movement and grace, reflecting the skill and creativity of its sculptor. As a piece of history, it offers not just visual appeal but a journey into the artistic ethos of the 1960s.

Condition: In good shape and standing proudly on its pedestal, this statue showcases resilience and timeless allure. A small repair to the leg becomes a mark of character, adding a layer of history and story to this Austin Dancer.

Company History: Austin Productions, Inc. was a prominent American company known for producing high-quality sculptures and art reproductions from the mid-20th century until the early 2000s. Founded in 1952 by David H. Kusin in Brooklyn, New York, the company gained recognition for its collaborations with talented artists and its commitment to creating affordable yet exquisite art pieces.

A Must-Have for Collectors: For collectors and enthusiasts of vintage art, the Austin Dancer Statue is a must-have addition. Its presence is not just decorative; it's an homage to an era when sculptors were celebrated for capturing the spirit of movement and emotion in static form.

Hassle-Free Delivery: We understand your needs! Our team is ready to assist with loading, and we offer convenient delivery options within Calgary. Enjoy the convenience of having this stunning piece delivered directly to your doorstep, making the process of enhancing your living space seamless and stress-free.

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Colour: Bronze



Height: 41 in

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