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Traditional Chinese Silk Embroidery Artwork

Traditional Chinese Silk Embroidery Artwork

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Floral & Avian Scene

Description: Adorn your home with the tranquil beauty of traditional Chinese artistry. This stunning silk embroidery features a serene scene of birds amongst lush peonies, a motif often celebrated in Chinese culture for symbolizing prosperity and good fortune. The artwork's elegant handiwork is complemented by the naturalistic portrayal of the flora and fauna, showcasing the skill of the artisan.

Product Details:

  • Scene: Birds perched amidst blooming peonies
  • Material: Silk thread on silk fabric
  • Frame: Included, with a classic wooden finish
  • Dimensions: 40 inches in length, 19 inches in height
  • Origin: China
  • Condition: Excellent, with vibrant colors preserved, some minor scratches to the frame.


  • Handmade silk embroidery, a cherished traditional craft
  • A blend of intricate detail and rich, vivid coloration
  • Ideal for collectors and appreciators of fine textile art
  • Adds an element of sophistication to any room


Length: 40 in


Height: 17.5 in

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