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Moorcroft "Pomegranate" Vase - Antique

Moorcroft "Pomegranate" Vase - Antique

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Description: Indulge in the timeless allure of the Moorcroft "Pomegranate & Grapes" vase, a true masterpiece of British ceramic artistry. This exquisite vase is not just a collectible; it's a statement of elegance and craftsmanship, showcasing the renowned Pomegranate and Grape design in impeccable mint condition. 

Elegance Redefined: The "Pomegranate & Grapes" pattern is celebrated for its striking design, featuring five vibrant pomegranates encircling the vase, with lush grapes in the background, all adorned by a rich blue cobalt backdrop. Its elegance is unmatched. It was created during the 1920'2 and 1930's.

Mint Condition: This vase is presented in impeccable mint condition, preserving its beauty and charm for collectors and enthusiasts.

Handcrafted Excellence: Moorcroft's commitment to handcrafting excellence shines through in every detail of this piece, from the intricate motifs to the flawless finish. 

Heritage of Quality: Moorcroft's legacy, dating back to 1897, is built on a tradition of quality and artistry that's cherished by collectors worldwide.

Collectible Value: Moorcroft "Pomegranate & Grapes" pieces are highly sought after by collectors, making this vase a valuable addition to any collection.

Signature and Markings: This vase proudly bears the authentic Moorcroft signature and markings at the bottom, ensuring its provenance and authenticity. The number "27" and the letter "H" are also printed.

A Timeless Masterpiece: The "Pomegranate & Grapes" design represents a timeless masterpiece of Moorcroft pottery, with each piece handcrafted to perfection. Its vibrant motifs and rich blue cobalt backdrop create a visual symphony of elegance.

Perfect as a Collectible Centerpiece: Whether you're an avid collector or someone who appreciates the elegance of fine ceramics, this vase is a perfect addition to your space. Display it as a centerpiece in your home, where its elegance can take center stage.

Colour: Blue Cobalt, red, amber, and gold


Width: 12 mm

Height: 16.5 mm

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