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Cream Rose & Cherry Blossom Variant

Cream Rose & Cherry Blossom Variant

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Title: Lenox Floral Metal Sculpture Collection


Indulge in the timeless elegance of the Lenox Floral Metal Sculpture Collection. Each piece in this exquisite set is a testament to Lenox's commitment to fine craftsmanship and classic style. Crafted in Japan from premium metals and finished with intricate detailing, these sculptures bring the delicate beauty of a garden into your home.


  • Expert Craftsmanship: These sculptures showcase the meticulous workmanship synonymous with Lenox. The detailed petals and leaves are a marvel to behold, expressing the delicate artistry involved.
  • Durable Elegance: Made from high-quality metal, each flower is built to last, ensuring that their beauty endures as a permanent fixture in your collection of home decor.
  • Classic Aesthetics: With a nod to both modern and traditional design, these sculptures will complement any room or decor scheme, from the contemporary to the classic.


  1. Pink Lily & Jasmine Variant

    • Description: This variant features a stunning pink lily in full bloom, accompanied by delicate jasmine flowers, symbolizing purity and renewal.
    • Dimensions: 9 inches
  2. White Iris & Violet Variant

    • Description: The grace of the white iris, coupled with the charming violets, represents hope and wisdom, bringing a serene ambiance to your space.
    • Dimensions: 7 inches
  3. Cream Rose & Cherry Blossom Variant

    • Description: A symbol of love and passion, the cream rose is beautifully complemented by the cherry blossoms, known for their fleeting beauty and reminder to cherish each moment.
    • Dimensions: 7 inches




Height: 8 in

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