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Labradorite Heart Sculpture

Labradorite Heart Sculpture

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Title: Labradorite Heart Sculpture


Experience the magical allure of our Labradorite Heart Sculpture. This stunning piece, carved from high-quality labradorite, showcases the stone's characteristic spectral play of colors. Known as the stone of transformation, labradorite is believed to enhance strength and perseverance. The heart shape symbolizes love and is perfect for those seeking a touch of mystical charm and emotional connection.


  • High-Quality Labradorite: Sourced from the best labradorite, known for its remarkable labradorescence.

  • Unique Spectral Display: Each sculpture features its own unique display of colors, ranging from deep blues and greens to flashes of peacock blue and gold.

  • Elegant Heart Carving: Carefully carved into a heart shape to represent love and healing.

  • Mystical Decor Piece: Perfect for enhancing the spiritual ambiance in your space or as a focal point in crystal collections.

  • Energetic Properties: Labradorite is said to protect against negativity and encourage self-discovery and intuition.

Dimensions: 1.75 x 2 inches

Care Instructions: Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid direct sunlight and harsh chemicals to protect the stone's natural sheen.

Whether as a gift for a loved one or as an addition to your personal collection, this Labradorite Heart Sculpture will be a cherished item for its beauty and energetic qualities.

Colour: Grey

Length: 2 in


Height: 1.75 in

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