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Irene Wahl Costal Scene

Irene Wahl Costal Scene

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Description: Own a piece of Canadian art history with this original watercolor painting by the acclaimed artist Irene Wahl. Known for her mastery of watercolor techniques, Wahl's work often captures the serene beauty of nature with a delicate balance of color and light.


  • Medium: Watercolor on paper
  • Subject: Serene Costal Scene
  • Signature: Signed by the artist 
  • Special Feature: Unique #8 marking, characteristic of the artist's original pieces

Collector's Note: The painting features a distinctive encircled number 8 near the artist's signature, which may indicate a series number or a personal cataloging system used by Wahl. This special marking adds to the painting's uniqueness and authenticity.

Condition: The painting is in excellent condition and comes in what appears to be its original frame, ready to be the centerpiece of your art collection.


As for the encircled number 8 near the artist's signature, it is not uncommon for artists to have unique ways of marking their works that might relate to a series, edition number, or a personal cataloging system. This number could potentially add to the uniqueness and authenticity of the painting, but without direct information from the artist or their estate, the exact reason for this marking is speculative. If this marking is consistent with other known works by Wahl, it may serve as a point of interest for collectors.





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