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Two Amethyst Dragon Pieces

Two Amethyst Dragon Pieces

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Description: Unleash the mystique and allure of our Two Amethyst Dragon Pieces, meticulously carved and preserved in excellent condition. With their captivating beauty and intricate craftsmanship, these dragon pieces serve as both a testament to the elegance of amethyst and a cherished addition to any collector's ensemble or fantasy-inspired decor.

Exquisite Amethyst: The rich and enchanting hues of amethyst infuse these dragon pieces with a captivating aura, while their flawless condition highlights the enduring beauty and allure of this mesmerizing gemstone, making them exquisite statement pieces for any discerning collector or enthusiast.

Prestine Condition: These two pieces are in excellent condition and impeccably crafted. Both a must have addition to your collection.

Versatile Display: Whether gracing a collector's shelf or adding an enchanting touch to your home decor, these amethyst dragons, known for their well-made structure and flawless condition, offer a versatile and captivating presence that is sure to spark conversation and admiration.

For inquiries, additional photos, or to make these remarkable pieces a part of your collection, reach out to us now. We're here to provide all the information and assistance you need.

Colour: Purple/Silver



Height: 5 in

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