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Citrine Crystal Bonsai Tree on Amethyst Base

Citrine Crystal Bonsai Tree on Amethyst Base

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Luminous Citrine Crystal Bonsai Tree on Amethyst Base


Elevate your space with the radiant energy of our Luminous Citrine Crystal Bonsai Tree. This handcrafted gemstone tree is a symbol of prosperity and positivity, designed to infuse your environment with uplifting vibrations.


  • Artisan Craftsmanship: Skillfully assembled by hand, this piece features a branching silhouette adorned with vibrant citrine gemstones, known as the "success stone", believed to attract wealth and abundance.

  • Citrine Glow: The translucent citrine crystals are carefully selected for their sunny hues, capturing and reflecting light to create a warm and inviting presence in any room.

  • Natural Amethyst Base: Grounded with a robust amethyst geode base, this tree combines the joyous energy of citrine with the calming influence of amethyst, promoting balance and tranquility.

  • Decor Flexibility: Ideal for placement in both personal and professional settings, it serves as a stunning centerpiece or a harmonizing accent to your décor.

  • Gift of Good Fortune: The Citrine Crystal Bonsai makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift for friends and loved ones, embodying wishes for success and happiness.

Dimensions: 14 inches

Colour: yellow



Height: 14 mm

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