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Found Riches

Chinese Soapstone Vase

Chinese Soapstone Vase

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This gorgeous Chinese soapstone vase features intricate floral carvings and detailed craftsmanship. The vase showcases a rich blend of earthy colors, making it a unique and attractive piece for collectors and enthusiasts of Asian antiques. It is in excellent with no visible damages. The carving is very detailed and precise suggesting the work of a talented artist.

  • Base Color: Muted earthy tones with shades of light brown and beige.
  • Carvings: The floral and leaf carvings display a mix of warm reddish-brown and soft green hues.
  • Accents: The detailing includes subtle highlights of off-white and darker brown,


Colour: Earthy Tones


Width: 6 in

Height: 7.5 in

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