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Antique Lion Sculpture

Antique Lion Sculpture

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Title: Antique Hand-Carved Ivory Lion Figurine on Wooden Base, 3 inches

Description: This finely detailed antique ivory lion figurine is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. Measuring 3 inches in length, this carved piece showcases a regal lion in a poised stance, mounted on a polished wooden base. The intricate details, from the lion's mane to its fierce expression, highlight the skill and artistry of the carver. Ideal for collectors of antique ivory or those looking to add a unique piece to their home decor, this figurine is a remarkable find.


  • Material: Hand-carved ivory
  • Design: Detailed carving of a lion
  • Base: Polished wooden base
  • Color: Natural ivory with wooden base
  • Condition: Excellent antique condition with no visible cracks or chips
  • Dimensions: 3 inches in length

Tags: Ivory, Carved, Lion, Figurine, Antique, Collectibles, Handcrafted, Home Decor

Colour: Ivory

Length: 3 in


Height: 2 in

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