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Antique Limoges Porcelain Plate

Antique Limoges Porcelain Plate

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Introducing a genuine piece of artistry from the renowned porcelain city of Limoges, France. This vintage plate showcases the exemplary craftsmanship and design excellence Limoges is celebrated for.

Key Features:

  • Authenticity: Genuine Limoges porcelain, stamped with the specific stamp know by collectors and dealers as Mark 3, used between 1891 and 1914, ensuring its authenticity and historical significance. Mark as shown, known by collectors and dealers as Mark 3, was used ca. 1891 to 1914,

  • Artist's Touch: The plate mesmerizingly draws the onlooker into its central tableau, where a meticulously painted carp takes center stage. Each scale, fin, and contour is rendered with an artist's precision, capturing the fish's natural grace and movement. The carp, a symbol of prosperity and tenacity, seems almost lifelike, as if caught in a fleeting moment of aquatic ballet.

  • Gold Accents: But the artistry does not end there. Encircling this central vignette is a band of opulent gold, adorned with intricate motifs that shimmer and dance in the light.

  • Aquatic Ensemble: The golden rim is punctuated with eight smaller carps, each captured in its own dynamic stance, creating a harmonious symphony of form and color. The petite carps playfully accentuate the plate's aquatic narrative, adding layers of depth and story.

  • Condition: Although the plate boasts of perfection in its art, modest scuffing marks can be seen on the base of the plate, speaking to its journey through time. It stands as a silent testament to the plate's rich history, adding character rather than diminishing its allure.

    Signed by the artist 'Musky', every brushstroke on this plate tells a tale of passion, dedication, and an undying commitment to the craft. To possess this piece is to hold in one's hands a fragment of Limoges' illustrious porcelain legacy, a treasure that transcends time.




Width: 24.5 cm


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