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Antique Anglo-Indian Rosewood Table

Antique Anglo-Indian Rosewood Table

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Description: Step back in time with this magnificent Anglo-Indian octagonal side table, a treasure from the Edwardian era (1901-1910), reflecting the opulent fusion of British elegance and Indian artisanry. This handcrafted table celebrates the art of inlay and carving with its intricate harvest scene – a tribute to the vibrant culture and agricultural heritage of India.

Each leg is a masterpiece, sculpted with the noble form of an elephant's head, a revered symbol of wisdom and power in Indian tradition. While elephants are a common motif in Indian furniture, this table elevates the concept with exceptional craftsmanship, making it a statement piece for any connoisseur of fine antiques.

Condition: This piece is in remarkable condition, showcasing the high level of skill of the craftsmen of its time. The wood inlay retains its intricate detail, telling the story of the harvest in vibrant fashion. Please note that there is a small testament to its age and history: one of the elephant tusks has broken over time. This minor imperfection adds to the table's narrative, emphasizing its authenticity and journey through time.



Width: 14.5 in

Height: 15 in

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