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Vintage Pink Glass Vase

Vintage Pink Glass Vase

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Certainly, here's a draft Shopify listing for the pink glass vase:

Stunning Vintage Pink Glass Vase. Its robust design and thick glass construction, peppered with air bubbles and unique imperfections, give it a character that only time can bestow.


  • Material: High-quality, thick pink glass
  • Height: Approximately 11.5 inches
  • Design: Features a unique pattern with air bubbles indicative of traditional glass-blowing techniques
  • Era: Early to mid-20th century, an era celebrated for its distinctive glassware designs

Collectible Value:

  • Unique Piece: Every air bubble tells a story of its artisanal creation, making this vase not just a decorative piece but a slice of history.
  • Versatile Decor: This vase can complement both contemporary and vintage interior designs with its timeless allure.

Colour: Pink



Height: 11.5 in

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