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Vintage Frister & Rossmann Sewing Machine

Vintage Frister & Rossmann Sewing Machine

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This exquisite piece of history, a vintage Frister & Rossmann sewing machine. Known for their durability and beautiful craftsmanship, this German-engineered sewing machine is a testament to the innovation of the late 19th century. Ideal for collectors, this piece doubles as a charming conversation starter and a decorative item for any room.


  • Craftsmanship: Intricate metalwork and decals, typical of Frister & Rossmann designs.
  • Condition: Preserved with care, showing signs of age that add to its vintage charm. Fully functioning.
  • Serial Number: Features a unique serial number, confirming its authenticity.

Collector's Note:

  • Historic Model: This machine represents a slice of sewing history, perfect for enthusiasts and collectors alike.
  • Display Piece: While it may still operate, its value as an ornamental piece is incomparable, perfect for antique displays.

Colour: Black




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