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Reflection of serenity

Reflection of serenity

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"Reflections of Serenity" is a contemporary piece by the artist Lange, offering a meditative landscape scene imbued with rich, vibrant colors and intricate textures. This painting showcases a serene row of trees mirrored in the still waters beneath, depicted with an exceptional glossy finish that enhances the artwork's depth and intensity.


  • Title: Reflections of Serenity
  • Artist: Lange
  • Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
  • Finish: High-gloss varnish for a lustrous sheen
  • Texture: Prominent textural details, inviting touch and exploration
  • Size: [Insert size measurements
  • Condition: Very good, used.

Artwork Description: This stunning painting captures the tranquil beauty of nature through a modern lens. The artist Lange uses a palette knife to build up layers of paint, creating a three-dimensional effect on the canvas. The reflective quality of the water is achieved with a high-gloss finish, ensuring that the painting shimmers and changes with the light. The textures invite the viewer to look closer and experience the artwork beyond its visual appeal.



Width: 40 in

Height: 40 in

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