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Large Adams Timpani Drums- 2 Sizes

Large Adams Timpani Drums- 2 Sizes

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Description: Adams Timpani Drums, Unveiling the Storied History, Resonant Sounds, and Majestic Presence. Despite One Drum Missing Two Bolts, Embrace the Grandeur of Percussive Excellence in Great Shape. Both drums are matching in design, with one drum being slightly larger than the other. 

History of Adams Percussion: Founded in 1970 by André Adams in the Netherlands, Adams Percussion has become a renowned name in the world of percussion instruments. The company is celebrated for its commitment to crafting high-quality percussion instruments, including drums, marimbas, xylophones, and more. Adams' dedication to innovation and precision has earned them a prominent place in both classical and contemporary music scenes.

Great Shape: Despite one drum missing two bolts, the remaining drums are in great shape, showcasing the durability and quality craftsmanship synonymous with Adams Percussion. The grand presence of these large drums adds a majestic touch to any musical performance or space they inhabit, making them a focal point that commands attention.

Transform Your Space: Introduce the rhythmic allure of Adams Timpani Drums to your space. Let their great shape and resonant sounds transform your environment, creating an atmosphere infused with the spirit of percussive excellence.

Hassle-Free Delivery: We understand your needs! Our team is ready to assist with loading, and we offer convenient delivery options within Calgary. Enjoy the convenience of having this stunning piece delivered directly to your doorstep, making the process of enhancing your living space seamless and stress-free.

For inquiries, additional photos, or to make these remarkable pieces a part of your collection, reach out to us now. We're here to provide all the information and assistance you need.

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