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Amethyst Titanium Aura

Amethyst Titanium Aura

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Title: Amethyst Titanium Aura Cluster Specimen


Explore the enchanting interplay of color and natural form with this Amethyst Titanium Aura Cluster Specimen. Each crystal cluster is a unique creation, featuring amethyst – known for its soothing and calming properties – enhanced with a vibrant titanium aura coating that adds a mesmerizing iridescence. This specimen is not only a stunning piece of natural art but also a powerful tool for those seeking to deepen their meditation practice or enhance their space with the positive energy of amethyst.


  • Natural Amethyst: Sourced from the finest amethyst clusters, recognized for promoting peace of mind and spiritual growth.

  • Titanium Aura Treatment: The amethyst is treated with titanium to create a shimmering aura effect that refracts light in a rainbow of colors.

  • Aesthetic Decor: Perfect for adding a touch of natural beauty and modern flair to any room, office, or meditation space.

  • Energy Enhancing: Believed to amplify the natural properties of amethyst, promoting clarity and insight.

  • One-of-a-Kind: Each specimen has its unique shape, size, and color pattern, making it a special addition to your collection.

Dimensions: 2 inches

Care Instructions: Handle with care, as natural crystals can be delicate. Clean with a soft, dry cloth and keep away from direct sunlight to maintain the vibrant hues.

This Amethyst Titanium Aura Cluster is a truly captivating piece, ready to become a focal point in your collection or a meaningful gift for a loved one.

Colour: Green

Length: 2 in



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